In India, its Diwali. And people are quite literally having a blast of a time. Some crackers behave within the framework by being moderately loud, while some others are obnoxiously loud, much like humans 😉 The World today seems to be primarily driven by the Obnoxiously Loud Ones, showing off their might hiding behind a… Read More

Trump’s World Psychology – The balls-point theory

Till date… it is only human psychology that’s been attempted to be understood.. For the very first time in the history of mankind…is an attempt being made to understand World Psychology…Brief and Concise.. No lengthy forewords by world  renowned authors.. No intellectual jargon…No Amazing Press reviews… Welcome to the Balls-Point theory of World Psychology..modeled after Trump… Read More

Politically Toxic

via Daily Prompt: Toxic Toxic – Words that politicians spew out,often whilst dripping Honey!!. The topic can be any, can be many!! If Religion is One, Divide it into Many!! If a Country is One, Split into Two!! By Order, put up a Border Subject the masses to untold disorder Keep temperatures on the boil… Read More

Hilariously Trumped…

Yes…The Great Grand American Election Spectacle has concluded….and a one Mr Trump is now busy Trumpeting… Finally… the end of a beginning… the crescendo… the finale…the climax reached….exhausted… but it’s finally a guy….who has managed to wade, swim, crush, and out manoeuvre many a like minded fish… or… Rats!!!. it was a tough one indeed….  … Read More