Wellness Services

Welcome to the World of Wellness(WOW)!!. We believe that Wellness is the Birthright of each and everyone of us.

Imagine the bliss you experience on cuddling a new born in your arms!!!

Just recall those happy, carefree and relaxed days, days lived with plenty of giggles and laughter and without a worry!!

Those blissful, happy and joyous states can be experienced even now, they are your birth right. It so happens that at times, society and conditions may have managed to dry and drain our creative juices.

All is however not lost, for they can be rediscovered, for bliss once experienced lays dormant in some corner, in some crevice…hoping that…someday… somewhere… you would go looking for it… within….

And as Wellness Facilitators, this is what we exactly facilitate…A journey within, A dive within to help you swim in Oceanic Bliss that you carry in you…

To rediscover these states, we offer the following approaches to Wellness.

  • Group Workshops of Music Therapy -Healing through Music. We cater to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity  Disorder (ADHD), Speech Disorder in children, Stress Management, Relaxation, Guided Meditation, Insomnia,Post and Pre Natal Depression.
  • IMG_20170727_132218IMG_20170729_073017
  • Life Skill Sessions on Financial Awareness, Parenting Adolescents, Mid Life Crisis, Interpersonal Relationships, Anger/Stress Management, Creative Thinking and more…IMG-20170729-WA0004


  • We also provide Counseling and Therapy based Services to all those individuals who seek guidance in the following categories:

How does it work?

Step-1: You  can send us a mail mentioning the concern to worldofwellness@yahoo.com

We shall attend to your concern over email.

Step-2: A One-On-One Counseling Session can be arranged Telephonically/Skype, on a need basis.

Consultation fees would be applicable for One-On-One Counseling Sessions.

Counseling Code of Honour:

  • We are Pro-Life Organization for all beings in Existence. Email suggestions cannot be construed or interpreted as Anti-Life.
  • We do not provide clinical psychiatric help. We recommend medical intervention on need basis.
  • Client Confidentiality is assured.
  • We do not Spam
  • We do not have any 24*7 telephonic helpline.